Taking Care of Your Gadgets

Everywhere we look, gadgets are becoming part of the norm. In the past people were contented with using a cell phone to stay connected with the people they cared about. Nowadays, there are a lot of gadgets for almost everything we can think of. In addition, a lot of people can’t seem to live without them. They compare it as something like being naked when they go out without their gadget; they feel uneasy and helpless. If you’re the type of person that always has to have the latest trendy gadget, then you will know the rapid turnover of gadgets. In this regard, it is smart to think of them as investments; after all they cost a lot of money. As investments, it is imperative for you to ensure their longevity. You’ll never know when you’re going to replace it, and you might even want to sell it when you upgrade. In addition, you’ll also be using the gadget every day, so keeping it functioning is definitely important. Here’s a simple list on how to take care of your gadgets even if it’s a smart phone, a tablet, or a laptop.

Handle with Care

The tag on the box isn’t there just for conformity. Outside, your gadget might look sturdy and well-built, but the electronics inside are another matter. Since it’s built compactly, you only need to drop your device once or dislodge a component to render it unusable. With regards to warranty, user carelessness isn’t covered, so you have to be extra careful when you’re handling your gadget. If you have butterfingers, then you might want to purchase a protection plan that covers this specific scenario.

Encase It

You might think that cases are just overrated, flashy options, but these cases are here for a reason. You need to protect your investment just in case you drop it or worse, if you spill something on it. Aside from falls, a case will also prevent dirt from finding its way into your gadget’s crevices. Since you’ll be using it frequently, buying a screen protector will also be very beneficial in the long run. It might seem like unnecessary additional expenses, but these precautions could make the difference between complete destruction and a close-call.

Regularly Clean It

No matter how advanced your device is, it doesn’t have the capability to clean itself physically. If you use it regularly, chances are that it accumulates dirt, oil, junk food smudges and even lint from your bag easily. Depending on your usage, you need to clean your gadgets regularly. There are a lot of cleaning kits available. If you want to be meticulous and do it right, you can refer to your device’s user manual and even search on the internet. It only takes a few minutes, yet the results can be very long lasting. Just set aside from your busy schedule once or twice a month and your gadget will live long.

Charge Carefully

Since there are many applications running in your phone’s background, it drains the battery easily. This can be frustrating when you’re on the road or when you don’t have access to an outlet. If you’re one of the many people that charge their gadgets indiscriminately every time you get access to an outlet, then you should change that habit immediately. To explain why this is bad, think of your gadget as a glass, and the water or ‘juice’ is its battery charge. Even if the glass isn’t fully empty, if you fill it up to the brink, chances are that in the long run the water or juice will go stale, affecting the entire contents. You’ve seen a lot of these gadgets already, after a year of constant charging, the battery packs won’t be able to sustain just one hour away from the outlet. Instead of being free from the outlet, you are tied to it in the end. A good indicator when to charge it is when you hear the low battery alarm or the ‘warning’ sound.

Trust the Authorized Center

In the event that something goes wrong with your gadget, don’t take it to a cheap repair center. Aside from finding a reliable repair center being very slim, you’ll end up paying more than when you take it to a well known or authorized repair centers. Even if it’s not already covered by warranty, you’ll still get good value for your money.

Remember the Fragility

Just because you live an active lifestyle or like to soak up the sun doesn’t mean that your gadgets should endure or undergo the same punishment. Long exposure to direct sunlight could damage the screen or the internal components of a device. If you bring the device indoors from a cold temperature, then allow it to warm to room temperature first before using it. This avoids damage resulting from the condensation inside. If you find yourself traveling very often, you can protect your gadgets from the elements by keeping them in cases or special bags. In addition, these specialized bags are not that expensive and were specially designed to allow you to comfortably bring your gadgets with you.

Remember the Cord

Taking care of your gadgets is not enough; you also need to be mindful of your gadget’s cords. After all, they are responsible for recharging and bringing back your gadget from the brink of extinction. With regards to cords, bending or crushing them could cause enough damage to warrant an expensive replacement. The worse thing about using a damaged cord is that you’ll never know until your gadget gets affected and won’t last a day on a charge. For their maintenance, try to avoid rolling over them with your chair or unplugging them by tugging on the cord. For the record, cords have low maintenance; just make sure that they are stored properly in a bag and that they are not tangled.

Back It Up

In the unlikely event that your memory card is damaged, it could result in heavy damage to your gadget as well. Keep in mind that applications and data is stored in an expanded memory to help keep your gadget’s onboard memory free from the clutter. With the advent of cloud data technology, it is easy to back up your data automatically, without any conscious effort from your end. Just set a time for the gadget to automatically back up your data and it will sync with your cloud storage to do its job. If you need to transfer your data or when you upgrade your device, syncing your data will be easy and effortless.

Keeping in mind that gadgets are a form of investment, then regularly maintaining your gadgets is very good for your wallet and the environment. No matter which way you look at it, there’s no real downside to prolonging the life of your electronics. The aforementioned tips about taking care of your gadgets are just a few tips when you remember that there are many types of gadgets out there. However, you can refer to your manual or just search on the internet for additional information.